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Affiliate Program

WellDone Software offers Pay-per-sale Affiliate Program. We pay certain percentage of each sale to the owner of a web site that brought a customer to us.

As a WellDone Affiliate you can

How It Works

When a visitor leaves your web site to ours, a special piece of information with your affiliate ID is stored on the visitors computer (this file is called 'cookie'). It is stored during 2 months since the last click on any of our page.

If the visitor then purchases any of our products, you will receive a commission each time the purchase is made. So if for instance the visitor buys two copies of software, you receive the commission two times.

How Do I Join the Affiliate Program?

Please send your site URL, name, and PayPal e-mail to [email protected]

Then we will get back to you and give you a username and password. You will use them to review clicks & sales statistics for your affiliate ID. You'll be able to see how many products were sold by your referral, daily statistics is available.


We give an Affiliate 20% of each purchase that resulted from a link on the Affiliate's web site.


We offer payments via PayPal. However this payment scheme may be unavailable at some times, so we may offer a credit card payment or a check. We will always let you know beforehand if we have to change the payment scheme.
We can submit payments weekly, based on cumulative statistics of the sales made by your site's referral.

In case of refunds we do not pay the commission. We may ask a customer to confirm the refund on your request.
Inaccurate information about our products on your web site or in your personal recommendation may not be a subject for a refund. 

Special Conditions

You undertake to NOT actively promote our site to a customer who you know resides in a territory that recognizes direct marketing of gaming activities to be unlawful.

Also placing description of our products or services that is erroneous or gives a customer mistaken impression about our company will result in excluding you from the Affiliate Program.

Technical support and consultaions are given to customers by our company.

Promotion Materials

Upon opening your affiliate account we will send you a link to the document that you may use as a guide to create the description of our product on your web site. You can also use your own opinion and the opinions of other people that have tested the software, but only in case they do not contradict the description that is given on our web site.

Long-term Relationship

Our company is highly interested in long-term partnership, and we can guarantee that we always keep our promises that concern interests of our customers and partners.
We will work harder in order to prove it.

Examples of Links

<!--Start of the link--><BR><A href="http://www.marketfeederpro.com/" target=_blank>MarketFeeder Pro - revolutional trading software for BetFair</A><BR><!--End of the link-->